28 Nisan 2009 Salı

Denim Leggings

The leggings came out quite a long time ago and everybody including celebrities wear them under skirts, with a plain t-shirt, when they are at sports etc. And just like anything, denim got into the legging too. I tried 2 of them in 3 months, didn't buy them but they are nice for those who are legging and denim addicts. And they are actually everywhere.

These actually look so comfortable, the ones I tried one were too tight and it was hurting. Anyway, although I didn't like this girl's style, the legging looks really nice.

Another one, which doesn't look any different than a simple skinny jean: the thing about this legging is that, It's made little looser to make it look more of a jean than a legging.

thanks to: soompi.com/.../index.php/t196232.html , community.livejournal.com/_spreee/1776963.html

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  1. These are really cute, but is the waistband as comfortable? I think I'd get tired of wearing something that feels so tight, but maybe not. I'll have to try some on. :)