22 Ocak 2009 Perşembe

Types Of Jeans

So, we all do wear jeans. And the best part of them are that; jeans can be both causal and chic. It's about the things we make combinations with and the types we choose to wear. So here are the type of jeans:

1. Straight cut

Straight-cut jeans typically fit at your natural waist and are slim through the seat and thighs. The cloth should wrap up your legs and the leg should be long. This style of jean is classic, and if you have the body to wear them, straight-cut jeans can pretty much be paired with anything.

2. Flare cut

Flare cut is similar to boot cut but a little tighter and is cut wider out from knee down.This style of jeans is usually worn below your waist and should not be so much tight through the leg. Some people say this kind of jeans is never out of style and it’s so common to wear at any occasions.

Skinny Jeans

This type of jeans always looks chic on those wearing them, however, perfect shape of your body is required (people with smaller hips and taller women). The skinny jeans look best with high-heeled shoes or knee high boots. The skinny jeans get slimmer through the end of the ankle.

14 Ocak 2009 Çarşamba

Adidas Denim by Diesel.

If you happen to come across with the Adidas Jeans, don't get suprised or shocked. You'd soon be able to see the collabration of two different styles in one pair of jeans.

It's been recently announced that Adidas and Diesel jeans will be in stores by Feburary 2008.

There are four different available washes and two cuts (Ronhar for women and Viker for men) exclusively at Adidas Originals stores around the globe.

The women’s range moves on with the “adi-matic” straight-cut style in super black supplemented by a second washing: stone grey. Additional jeans include the slight boot-cut “adi-ryoth” and the straight-cut, high-waist “adi-brucke”. The men’s range have six pair of jeans including the already known and loved models “adi-viker” and “adi-thanaz” accompanied by further washings and cuts presented in the “adi-larkee” and “adi-heeven” straight-leg jeans.

images: (top) from www.denimdigest.com
article from : www.denimblog.com