28 Nisan 2009 Salı

Casual Denim Shoes!

So, we eventually have denim in our closets. They are mostly; jeans, denim jackets and maybe even hats. But, shoes? I actually think It's a great idea. I've always loved denim and having a pair of denim shoes seems like a pretty cool idea, especially if you want to rock with your casual look.

Thanks to denimology.co.uk , I found some pics of Levi's Second Life Shoes(they look nice!)

The best thing about these converse-looking shoes is that, because every pair of jeans are individual, every shoe's design and look will be unique and different than the rest. So, once you get these, nobody can get the same as yours. Isn't that cool?

The "Another Life" jeans shoe are available in selected branches of John Lewis and Levi's stores

Even cuter denim shoes: I found these at www.alibaba.com, seems like someone's selling these.(you can contact here: http://images.google.com.tr/imgres?imgurl=http://img.alibaba.com/photo/1087931/New_Recycled_Denim_Shoes.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.alibaba.com/product/thailandexport1-10879317-10659986/productdetail.html&usg=__Tv2zmQ9ZircUlZ60t3p3pWKCw_0=&h=426&w=568&sz=61&hl=tr&start=1&tbnid=OIG2RlQIt4psRM:&tbnh=101&tbnw=134&prev=/images%3Fq%3Ddenim%2Bshoes%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Dtr%26sa%3DG) They seem really comfortable, I know I sound like a shopping assistant that tries to convince people buy things, but come on these are nice:D

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